Does Water Baptism impart Redemption – Eternal Life?

Does Water Baptism impart Redemption – Eternal Life?

I do agree that one who is born again by faith in Jesus Christ as Lord “should” be Baptized…they “should” desire to follow our Lord in all things in obedience to His commands but water does not save anyone! It is only the sinless blood of Messiah shed at Golgotha that makes atonement for your sin and only your faith in that blood initiates covenant relationship with the Father…NOTHING else, NO ONE else; Jesus is our God, our Redeemer and He is completely sufficient in and of Himself to redeem you from your sin; in fact, Adam attempted to cover his sin and shame by the works of his own hands with fig leaves in Eden but Elohim rejected Adam’s self-righteousness and Elohim shed innocent blood to acquire a robe of imputed righteousness for Adam and his wife; therefore, God HIMSELF did the work of redemption not man (Genesis 3:21; 2 Corinthians 5:21).

If a man or woman is saved by faith in Jesus as Lord, they have received the Holy Spirit of God as Guarantor of that relationship (Ephesians 1:13-14) yet, for some reason is not baptized, they remain eternally secure in the atoning blood of Messiah as the redemptive element concerning salvation but they most likely will lose rewards at the BEMA Judgment for disobedience and their daily walk in the Spirit will be continuously stymied by unfaithfulness testified to by one’s conscience during sanctification.

The children of God in Jesus Christ find peace and intimacy through obedience to God’s will; therefore, obedience to the commands of Jesus is imperative if the “Zoe Life” is to manifest during sanctification by the Holy Spirit.

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