The Law of Conscience…

The Law of Conscience…

The Moral Law has been extant since the creation of the angels as an arbiter of freewill and this law judged Satan of covetousness and judged the Adamic and Noahic generations of egregious immorality where all but eight were destroyed by water in judgment. The Law of the Covenant, given specifically to Israel’s children, is NOTHING NEW or novel but is simply a reiteration, with some specificity, of the Law of Conscience infused within every human being from Adam forward as the Law of Conscience ….

1) Acts a bulwark restraining narcissism/arbitrating free will by the conscience thereby curtailing human self-destruction which would thwart God’s eschatological plan and give victory to Satan.

2) Defines God’s righteous decrees through the conscience thereby allowing for justice with due process in Holy Judgment.

An overwhelming majority of the Greek Scriptures reference “Law” which is relevant to the “Law of the Covenant” pertaining to Jacob’s children but the vast majority of Human Kind has been governed by the Law of Conscience for the previous 6000-years and it is the Law of Conscience (Romans 2:14-15; Romans 1:18-32) that will be the primary adjudicatory standard at the Great White Throne Judgment manifesting subsequent to Messiah Jesus’ Millennial Reign (Revelation 20:11-15).

Those who die under the Law Covenant will be judged accordingly; those who die apart from the Law Covenant (the vast majority of human kind) will be judged by the Law of Conscience. Those who die in Jesus as their Messiah will not stand in the judgment of sinners as Messiah’s imputed righteousness has atoned for the sins of the redeemed and they are therefore declared “not guilty” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

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