Does God “predestine” many to Hell and a few to Heaven?

Does God predestine some to LIFE and many to death in Hell?

Predestination is completely antithetical to the nature and attributes of our Biblical God. God is defined as “love” in its perfection – AGAPE. Throughout the Scriptures, we see God’s greatest desire is relationship-fellowship-intimacy with His created beings, both human and angelic. It is illogical and beyond reason that our God of Love possesses the capacity to predestine those He loves to death in Hell or life in the Kingdom, why? Because perfect love and perfect justice cannot exist absent free will, why? Because in order for one to love with authenticity and purity, they must possess the volition – freedom to “choose” to engage in that relationship with a sincere heart and desire; otherwise, the love, the relationship, is robotic or coerced and thus the relationship is impotent and empty and unfulfilling.

All of human kind possesses the free will to “choose” their eternal destiny and those Scriptures that you believe suggest that God predestines many to Hell and some to Life is simply a misunderstanding on your part as God desires that all men and women be saved and come to a knowledge of the Truth…Calvin got it wrong! If predestination were true, why the suffering and death of Jesus our God and Messiah?

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