Self-righteousness (Law) v. Faith

Self-righteousness (Law) v. Faith

Christian explanation,

Self-righteousness concerning theology is relevant to one seeking God’s favor and forgiveness through good works, philanthropy, obedience to Law…the Jewish eternal error of righteousness through Law (Romans 3:20; Romans 10:3). You cannot work yourself to God and Elohim made this abundantly clear in Genesis 3:21 as He rejected the works of Adam to cover his own sin (fig leaves) while Elohim shed innocent blood to provide a robe of imputed righteousness to justify Adam and Eve and this was done by God HIMSELF just as God shed His own blood through the sinless body of Jesus Christ at Golgotha to provide you the imputation of His righteousness through faith in Jesus as your Lord (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Your works of philanthropy in obedience to the Holy Spirit SUBSEQUENT to establishing covenant relationship with the Father by faith in Jesus as Lord are counted as worthy and honorable and these works will be tested for authenticity at the BEMA Judgment of Christ.

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