Who is Allah, Muhammad and their role in Eschatology?

Who is Allah; What is Islam; Who is Muhammad; What is their role in eschatology?

Islam is a curse in and of itself and it was born out of adultery (sin) between Abraham and Hagar, Sarah’s handmaid (servant). The child born of this sinful union was Ishmael…a true “wild donkey” of a man as is apparent by the behavior of his descendants the Ishmaelites.

From the descendants of Ishmael, the World was burdened with the tribes of the Ishmaelites who birthed a 7th-Century pedophile murdering demon-possessed thief named Muhammad whose demonic religion, Islam, eventually formed the Islamic Caliphate which butchered, murdered, by the sword untold thousands of Jews, Christians, men and women and children over the following 1400-years until temporarily halted in the early 20th-Century. It is obvious that Islam’s “Allah” is Satan masquerading as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14) via the Arabic Moon God and that Islam via Iran (an Islamic coalition) will soon conspire with Russia and China and come against Jerusalem, Israel most likely during the final 3.5-years of the coming Tribulation dispensation; this nuclear threat/war with Israel will culminate in the death and suffering of many millions in that Day (Zechariah 14:12) and will initiate the 2nd-Advent of Messiah Jesus and the Millennial Kingdom.

Islam is the Kingdom of Darkness in our midst; Islam is eternal death and suffering via spiritual-demonic deception; Islam garners for Satan what he coveted in the Kingdom i.e. praise and worship and adoration that belongs exclusively to the Living God, Father-Son-Spirit. Islam is the reality within Time reflecting the struggle initiated by Satan in the Kingdom and that struggle having been extricated from the Kingdom and placed upon this Earth to be dealt with by the Son of God who entered Time specifically to destroy the works of the Devil/Allah/Satan (1 John 3:8b).

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