America’s Death – Darwin’s Demonic Victory…

Engel v. Vitale (1962), undergirded by rabid atheist Madalyn Murray O’hair, was the culmination of radical progressive John Dewey’s work (1900) as the “father of modern education.” One year later, 1963, the progressive socialist elites in America were instrumental in infusing Darwinian Evolution into the biological sciences in high schools and universities around the United States. In conjunction, progressive socialist teachers and professors introduced Marxism-Leninism as alternatives to the “evils” of capitalism via the humanities.

Darwin’s idiocy, which makes a mockery of God and the Genesis creation narrative, has influenced several generations of American youth to doubt God’s reality and His authority over all life as Darwin’s insanity dismantles the foundation for our faith in God as the Genesis narrative undergirds all of Scripture and the veracity and reliability of same. Never, in the history of mankind, has there been a more influential progenitor of atheism, nihilism, than Darwin’s demonic theory of “evolution.”

Darwin in the biological sciences and Marx in the humanities formed a demonically powerful catalyst transforming the hearts and minds of at least three-generations of American youth into nihilistic, atheistic, communists, who are now entering the voting booths in droves across America as Stalin’s “useful idiots” and these brainwashed youth are methodically, incrementally, destroying America’s Constitutional Republic founded solely upon and relying exclusively upon faith in Jesus Christ and a redeemed heart seeking obedience through sanctification by the Holy Spirit; this, in combination with the work of the Soviet GRU/KGB in American media and Universities subsequent to WW2, America is rotting from within via immorality and communism while the masses are comfortably numb, naive, complacent.

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