SDA & Jewish Roots obsession with the Decalogue…

SDA and Jewish Roots obsession with the Ten-Commandments…
Christian response,
It’s not that anyone fights against the Decalogue, it’s the fact that the Decalogue, the moral laws articulated therein, have been infused within the New Covenant via Messiah’s Commandments and the Christian does not look to the Decalogue for guidance i.e. the Old Covenant of Law but the Christian looks to the Holy Spirit and Messiah’s Commandments written upon our heart, administered by the Spirit via sanctification in the New Covenant, for wisdom and obedience as the Spirit prepares us for service in the New Jerusalem.
If the Christian never had access to the Ten-Commandments/or the Torah…their covenant relationship with the Father would be unimpeded as Jesus is our Law and our Lord.

See Messiah’s Commandments:

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