Darwin’s contribution to America’s Death in Atheism

Darwin’s contribution to America’s Death in Atheism and Apostasy

Engel v. Vitale (1962) removed Jesus from the Public Schools advocated by radical atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair; one-year later (1963), the “progressives-communists” (initiated by John Dewey as early as 1880-1900) infused demonic Darwin into our classrooms as a “biological science” and methodically infused Marx into the “humanities” as an alternative to capitalism; subsequently, America’s high schools and universities have vomited-out the Millennial’s and Gen-Z generations of atheists, nihilists, communists, who hate America and are methodically transforming our Nation into a communist stronghold…these are the “useful idiots” labeled by and spoken of by Communist Dictator Lenin and as a result, America is dying a slow and painful death and our posterity will suffer horrifically. From the Genesis forward, there has been no greater progenitor of atheism than Darwin’s idiocy forced upon our children in the absence of Biblical truth as a buffer to apostasy promulgated via evolutionary theory i.e. the demonic.

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