What concerns me about COVID?

PragerU asked: “What concerns you about COVID-19?”

I believe COVID is the back-up plan discussed in 2016 by the FBI’s former Strzok, Page, Comey, the DNC, the CNN – Communist News Network…I believe COVID was a well organized strategy-ruse to unseat President Trump via a coup.

I believe the “COVID vaccine” is experimental gene therapy with the potential to alter the DNA and immune system…and not truly a vaccine but given that “label” to provide liability protections for “big pharma” who is making billions upon billions of dollars off of naive and sheepish Americans who trust America’s communist government that cares absolutely NOTHING for their health and welfare but for power, influence, MONEY, status, CONTROL, only.

I personally believe COVID-19 is the flu—perhaps a type of pneumonia with a 99.7% survivability rate for anyone under 70-YOA without serious comorbidity; not much different than the statistics for the seasonal flu complicated by pneumonia.

I believe the “death totals” from COVID are fictitious…skewed…as hospitals are paid to treat COVID and doctors, nurses, are as easily bought and paid for as politicians as the medical community today worships the dollar while the patient is simply a means to an end.

I believe COVID is a political-elitist-globalist-communist/Marxist agenda with the goal of decimating the middle class financially and destroying middle class business, personal property rights and destroying America’s overall economy in accordance with a globalist – one-world ideology with American society having been divided into the elitist-narcissist formerly labeled the bourgeoisie and a subservient – dependant class as the proletarians. The elites will rule and reign and their every narcissistic-hedonistic-sinful, desire, will be fulfilled by the labor, suffering, striving, misery, of the proletariat.

I believe that the “useful idiots” brainwashed by the CULT OF COVID; the propaganda fed them in our Universities by Darwin-Marx-Lenin-Dewey…these will methodically transform America into an impotent 3rd-World Nation that has sold its soul to China and abandoned Israel to the will of Israel’s enemies while the American citizen will become an atheistic-nihilistic-Darwinistic-Marxist conglomeration of misery and slothfulness and defilement.

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