Macon County, Georgia – TOO LOUD! Won’t invest here.

SHAME on Mayor Miller, Sheriff Johnson, Macon and Bibb County administrators, for allowing the bullies, the narcissistic thugs, of the illegally LOUD motor vehicle cult[ure] to abuse and intimidate the most innocent in your area of responsibility. SHAME on Sheriff Johnson for his failure to protect and serve the citizens of Macon County as LOUD biker, auto and truck thugs operating illegally equipped, illegally LOUD motor vehicles destroy the environment and abuse, audibly assault, the citizenry he swore to protect.

My wife and I are traveling the United States in search of a home, investments…we will NOT invest our money where the local administration will not, is too lazy or inept, to provide basic protections while allowing noise thugs to rule and ruin their community. Shame on you Georgia!


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