Maggie Valley, NC…too loud…should be sued…

Hello Mayor Eveland, Maggie Valley alderman, city attorney, Governor Roy Cooper, 

My wife and I toured your beautiful municipality today, 9-10-21; unfortunately, you have compromised your values, your oath, your duty to protect the citizenry by inviting the LOUD, narcissistic, thugs of the LOUD motorcycle community into Maggie Valley via the “Thunder in the Smokies” motorcycle rally; these loud thugs traverse thousand of miles to end up on your city streets where you trade the safety of your citizenry and the safety of those they audibly assaulted en route to your city for the monies garnered by tax revenue from biker thugs. I will NOT invest my real estate money in a town or state where leadership is too cowardly or lazy or politically correct to provide the most basic of governmental responsibilities, protection. 

Ninety-plus percent of the LOUD bikers polluting your city and audibly assaulting your citizenry, the citizenry you swore to protect, are operating motorcycles with illegal aftermarket exhaust mechanism emitting in multiples the legal, total, minimally safe, 80dB(A) as mandated by the US EPA via their SAE J331a full-throttle drive-by testing procedure…a test mandated for every model of street use motorcycle to be operated on the public roadways of the United States subsequent to 1986; actually, the EPA permitted 83dB(A) from 1983-1986 but found 83dB(A) to be too loud and physiologically injurious to the general public so they reduced the legal output to 80dB(A), require a permanent label on every muffler and frame of every street-use motorcycle…a majority of the motorcycles in your city this weekend emit well over 100dB(A)…multiples (logarithmic) of what is safe and compliant…yet you have the audacity to sell your citizens safety for LOUD biker thug profit…this is shameful. 

Shame on Governor Roy Cooper and his State Police for making North Carolina a haven for loud motor vehicle thugs. The State Muffler Law, § 20‑128, mandates that every motor vehicle muffler operated on the public roadways of NC meet OEM, factory specifications concerning noise emissions output…shame on the State of North Carolina as I sit here listening to these motorcycle thugs accelerating their illegally equipped motorcycles on Hwy 14 with decibel output levels that are audible for a mile or more!!!

I have written much on this subject of illegal motor vehicle noise, America’s National Plague. I will share two of those articles here should you be interested in the truth concerning the Loud Biker Culture and their thuggery as they thumb their defiant noses at our most innocent and the Law…your compromise with these narcissistic thugs is appalling and embarrassing to those who love this Nation and honor our laws and seek safety, especially for our most innocent. Shame on you Mayor and your aldermen and your city attorney and especially your police department and shame on North Carolina’s State Police and Governor Cooper for allowing the roadways of the beautiful State of North Carolina to be polluted by illegally LOUD motor vehicles while the citizenry suffers without recourse. You are all shameful in your neglect and derelict in providing the most basic of governmental responsibility i.e. protection. 

The Truth about LOUD Motorcycles, Automobiles, Trucks, that the police can’t or won’t tell you:

How to enforce impotent motor vehicle muffler laws containing the universal statute element of “prevent excessive or unusual noise.” Motorcycle Noise Enforcement-101:

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

2005 North Carolina Code – General Statutes § 20-128. Exhaust system and emissions control devices.

§ 20‑128.� Exhaust system and emissions control devices.

(a)������ No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway unless such motor vehicle is equipped with a muffler, or other exhaust system of the type installed at the time of manufacture, in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise, annoying smoke and smoke screens.

(b)������ It shall be unlawful to use a “muffler cut‑out” on any motor vehicle upon a highway.

(c)������ No motor vehicle registered in this State that was manufactured after model year 1967 shall be operated in this State unless it is equipped with emissions control devices that were installed on the vehicle at the time the vehicle was manufactured and these devices are properly connected.

(d)������ The requirements of subsection (c) of this section shall not apply if the emissions control devices have been removed for the purpose of converting the motor vehicle to operate on natural or liquefied petroleum gas or other modifications have been made in order to reduce air pollution and these modifications are approved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. (1937, c. 407, s. 91; 1971, c. 455, s. 1; 1983, c. 132; 1989, c. 727, s. 9; 1997‑443, s. 11A.119(a); 2000‑134, s. 6.)epa label street motorcycle.jpg

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