Response to Defenders of LGBTQ Sexual Perversion

My statements are under girded by commonsense, natural law, God’s law, experiential relevance by observation, 31-years of policing and policing the homosexual community on four-different shifts. LGBTQ is a vile and demonically-based spiritual and mental illness that destroys mind, body, soul, within the Realm of Time and in Eternity…it is the fool and naive individual deluded by destructive liberalism, narcissism, ignorance, that will not see this truism. God does not create a homosexual or a lesbian or a trans or a queer…God created human kind as male and female and though there are rare cases of genetic malformations concerning the sexual genitalia, 99+% of mankind is born male or female (physiologically and psychologically)…and to subvert God’s will is sin and arrogance and deception and lest one repent of this immoral nastiness and trust only in Jesus Christ as Lord, they will die in their sin (John 8:24) and die the “second death” in Hell (Rev 20:11-15).

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