Why do so many reject Grace through Faith?

Why do so many cling to the Law and the Sabbath exuding vitriol for those who oppose them by advocating for grace through faith in Messiah Jesus, alone?

Christian response,

As one who loves and trusts Jesus Christ as my Messiah, I am dismayed at the plethora of men and women who obsessively defend the heresy of a works salvation and mandated allegiance to the Sabbath Day given only to the Hebrew Tribes during a specified dispensation; this, to the point of obsessive, compulsive, behavior – a spiritual illness to say the least.The reason so many cling to the Law of the Covenant and obsessively insist that the Sabbath Day must be honored in the New Covenant is that they’re absent faith; these spiritually deceived individuals simply don’t believe that Messiah Jesus’ life, death, burial, resurrection, are sufficient to completely and forever make atonement for sin; these sad and striving individuals believe that they must somehow earn, supplement or add to the formula God the Father has mandated for eternal life; that is, simple faith and trust in Jesus as Lord yet they emphatically insist faith must be supplemented by obedience to a Law or a Day that have ZERO relevance in the Covenant of Grace.

Arguing with these individuals is as fruitful as spitting into the wind, they have opted for the curse rather than the blessing of peace in Jesus as Lord. They angrily reject the truism that Messiah’s Laws are written upon our heart in the New Covenant and those Laws are administered by the indwelling Holy Spirit in sanctification. They cling to the Old that could never redeem; they reject the New that provides life through Messiah; they refuse to believe in God the Father’s New Covenant; they refuse to trust in Jesus, alone; they refuse the peace and joy of intimacy with God through faith and joy in the Holy Spirit’s love. A tragedy that transcends Time and Eternity and a tragedy for which Messiah wept. The Devil is victorious in their life.

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