Why do Christians ask for forgiveness?

Why do Christians ask for forgiveness?

An individual who has chosen death in Hell having rejected Jesus as Mediator for their sin mocks the Christian in this way: “Christianity is a religion where someone’s sins are forgiven by blood yet they repent by continuously reciting Matthew 6:9-13, always! If it’s not so? Why then are you asking for forgiveness if you are forgiven by blood?”

Christian response,

A Christian asks forgiveness when they insult our God via disobedience NOT because we fear losing our salvation as that is secure by Covenant via the Holy Spirit, forever. The Christian apologizes to God for the same reason we apologize to our loved-ones in this Realm of Time…our family, our friends, we have wronged or insulted; we apologize because we love them and we want NOTHING interfering with the intimacy between us.

For the Christian, the most precious thing in this life is our relationship with our Heavenly Father, Jesus our Lord, the precious Holy Spirit; so then, when we insult the One we love, we apologize out of love and respect for their sacrifice for us…we want to maintain intimacy, love, respect, genuine friendship in relationship, forever.

The unbeliever considers this foolishness; the faithful understand that there is no joy or peace unless we’re right with our God positionally, eternally, intimately.

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