The Ark of the Covenant; Egyptian or Prophecy?

The Ark of the Covenant; was its construction influenced by Egyptian traditions?

Christian response,

The Ark of the Covenant, the construction of same, meticulously provided by God, is a foreshadowing of the Messiah that was to come; that is, for those who have eyes to see…

1) The gold on the Ark represented Messiah’s deity.

2) The wood represented Messiah’s humanity.

3) The mercy seat of gold where blood was sprinkled by the High Priest for the covering of Israel’s sins and the cherub angels that were positioned on each end of the mercy seat were ultimately observed in fulfillment by Mary who viewed these angels in Messiah’s tomb as the blood of Messiah stained the stone upon which He had been laid subsequent to the Crucifixion (John 20:12). Mary observed the “true” Mercy Seat.

4) Inside the Ark was a pot of manna that represented Messiah would be the “Bread of Life” (John 6:35).

5) Inside the Ark was Aaron’s rod that was a dead-stick but had budded to life representing that Messiah would be the “resurrection and the life” (John 11:25); Messiah would die and resurrect to life to defeat death, Hell, the grave, the Devil, for all who believe.

6) Inside the Ark was the Decalog etched in stone representing that Messiah would have the Law of God internalized, He would be the Law of God in flesh and its ultimate fulfillment (Matthew 5:17).

In conclusion,

God, in many ways, meticulously and carefully pointed the children of Jacob to their Messiah yet they failed Him, they missed Him, they did not see Him, they denied Him, they murdered Him. Please, do not take part in this eternal error; trust in Jesus as your God and Messiah, exclusively, and LIVE!

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