Atheist mocks and denies God’s Creation, a response…

Atheist mocks and denies God’s creation: “Why would God create billions of planets without life on them? This is not the work of God, but of blind chance and randomness. Life on earth is the result of chance, but it is easier for believers in God to give Him the credit due to life’s complexity.”

Christian response,

God created the vastness of the Heavens and the intricacy of the Earth to demonstrate to YOU His power and dominion and authority in all of creation; that is, Time and Eternity; therefore, God provides the magnificence of His creation as preliminary evidence of His reality and God tells you that anyone who rejects this evidence will be “without excuse” when they stand before Him in Judgment (Romans 1:18-32). God has exclusively placed human kind upon this small speck in our Universe for cause with rapidity.

We are here constrained by Time and physics for ONE specific purpose and when God has completed His objective for Time and this Earth, the Earth and the Heavens as we know them will be consumed by fire and remolded, purified (2 Peter 3:7), and the New Jerusalem (God’s physical Kingdom) will be placed upon the New Earth within a New Heaven and those who have honored God the Father by faith in the Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Messiah (John 3:16), these will serve our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ in our own resurrected bodies (Philippians 3:21) in the New Jerusalem and we will live and commune and love our God, FOREVER (Revelation 20, 21).

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