Atheist argues that Atheism is not evil, a response…

Atheist argues with the Holy Spirit’s inspired word: “Someone isn’t Satan’s servant because they are an atheist since merely being atheist isn’t evil (also Satan is mythological).”

Christian response,

The Scriptures disagree. In this life that constrains us by Time and physics, we have but two-options concerning our loyalties relevant to Eternity.

1) Honor God the Father through faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Mediator for sin thereby establishing relationship with Him by grace through faith and inheriting the promise of eternal life in the New Jerusalem with Messiah (John 3:16).

2) Reject our God and pursue a life of moral relativism and narcissism in servitude to Satan, God’s nemesis, and die in sin and ultimately die the “second death” in Hell (John 8:24; Revelation 20:11-15).

There are NO OTHER OPTIONS available to anyone having been born into Time and having attained an age of reason sufficient to discern moral good from evil. You are either alive in Jesus or spiritually dead in Satan. You may not interpret atheism as evil but the rejection of God’s Truth and His reality find their origin in the demonic and was first used by Satan to deceive the first woman, Eve.

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