Why does the Universe reward Corruption with Power?

Question on FB: “QUESTION: Why does the Universe reward Corruption with Power?”

Christian response,

Corruption appears to be rewarded with power within the Realm of Time because our God is permitting Satan to rule and reign and display his evilness as the faithful angelic creation watches with horror as their former boss and former brethren display through their evil why it is was necessary for God to extricate them from the Kingdom as God is demonstrating the necessity for obedience to His will and wisdom within His Kingdom. What we’re observing playing-out before our eyes finds its genesis in the Kingdom of God before the beginning of Time. We are players in an unfathomable cosmic struggle between good v. evil, a struggle that surrounds and consumes us, and those who war according to God’s Plan will be victorious; those who war as allies to God’s nemesis will lose everything. This is spiritual and it must be interpreted and discerned through the Holy Spirit to be understood. 

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