Question for the Atheist

Question for the Atheist,

The Canon of Scripture, with Nature as experiential evidence, clearly introduces our Creator by Name and meticulously explains the who, what, where, when, why, how, concerning our presence within Time as having been created with rapidity for cause. Why are the Scriptures and Jesus Christ as Creator so flippantly denied when no one else, no other source available to mankind has any plausible explanation for the presence of matter and Time, the Universe, our genome, LIFE? Why does the atheist so angrily with hostility, vulgarity, disregard the possibility for our Creator?

Personally, I find no other explanation for Time, matter, the incredibly complex human genome…why do you so easily and flippantly deny the possibility for our Creator seeing that science has NO CLUE concerning the most elementary of physics…the presence of matter? Please explain why you reject God with such fervency without cause and without evidence to the contrary and without logic and reason?

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