Abortion Advocate mocks Christianity: a response…

Abortion advocate mocks Christianity, a response:

Dear Atheist-Abortionist-LGBTQ advocate,

Christianity does not forbid prevention of fertilization (contraception) or sex-education when its curriculum is properly oriented for the age group receiving it. Christians demand that you Democrat Communists stop murdering babies in the womb and stop celebrating your sexual perversion in our streets, stop burning our municipalities, stop seeking to de-fund our police, thereby bringing God’s wrath upon our Nation as a whole resulting in mass confusion and the suffering of our posterity. Please, take your Democrat-Communist-abortion-sexual perversity and manic liberalism into the closet where it belongs or leave our Nation and harass someone else as America can only survive with Jesus as our King; so then, go to a Nation or Country that advocates your insanity…we’re sick and tired of your unsustainable worldview and practices that are destroying our posterity and our future.

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