The Arrogance of Atheism

The pride and arrogance of an Atheist who is headed to Hell for cause: “According to your own holy book, God does murder, theist. As I’ve just shown you, God does murder, and is not the saint you think he is. To murder is to deliberately kill a human being. God did this on a huge scale, in Noah’s Ark. What part do you not get? …what a hypocrite God must be to judge humans who have killed humans, but he gets a free pass, even though he has killed on a far greater scale than any human! Not only a murderer, but your God is a hypocrite too! And yet you claim God is oh-so-perfect…”

Christian response in reality,

God cannot murder what is His and God’s judgments are righteous and for cause in His holiness. God is not a hypocrite…He makes the law and the rules in accordance to His will and no one judges Him or His actions for He is the God of all living. He sees and knows far beyond our human intellect and reason as He is omniscient and omnipotent and omnipresent. God is perfect in holiness and righteousness and you are but a spirit encapsulated within decaying, sinful, flesh and without God’s intercession through the appearing of Jesus Christ in Time, you would be fodder for the fires of Hell. God does NOT need you; in fact, you’re refuse of an infinitely more relevant cosmic event that is causation for your creation and the creation of Time. God has had pity on you and in His mercy and grace God has given you an opportunity to find eternal life in His Son, Jesus Christ, by grace through faith in Jesus as your Lord…God was not required to do this and could have just as easily allowed you to die without hope or recourse but He’s given His all to provide you mercy because it brings Him glory and furthers His reasons for having Created Time, matter, this Universe, your genome. God does NOT need you, atheist…and in your atheism you are repulsive and wicked to God and you are His enemy…you’re not nearly as relevant and important as you might think! You are rotting away in your sinful flesh by the moment (James 4:14).

You atheists think WAY too much of yourselves as if you are owed something by God not understanding that you’re dying flesh and God holds your next breath in His hands and could extinguish your life instantaneously as you, in your atheism and pride and rebellion, are His enemy and you are an ally of His nemesis, Satan and Satan’s minions. You boast in your arrogance and lack of knowledge as if your words actually have value in the Court of Heaven but you’re fleshly, sinful, filth and unless you repent of your sin and sincerely believe in the Son, Jesus Christ, as your God and Mediator for your sin, you will die in sin and lose everything in Hell, both body and soul (Revelation 20:11-15; Matthew 10:28). God has made a Way (John 14:6) for you to find life and purpose in the Kingdom but if you reject it or think yourself too good for God; hey, you will reap what you sow and Eternity will NOT miss you (Galatians 6:7-8). 

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