Atheist mocks God’s Mercy, a rebuttal…

Atheist mocks God’s mercy: “Christians say God is merciful, yet His mercy can’t be found in a children’s cancer ward at the hospital. I wonder why?”

Christian response,

God is Just, Holy, Merciful, True. Cancer is the resultant of man’s rejection of God and God’s Covenant of Sustenance as genomic mutational degradation is the result of the Adamic Curse and cancer is but one unfortunate outcome. Elohim warned, man did not listen but chose narcissism over obedience.

Every child that dies before attaining an age of accountability is immediately translated into the Kingdom as children are not held culpable for sin because God has so decreed that where there is no Law, there is no sin; in other words, until an individual attains an age/cognitive acuity sufficient to understand God’s righteous decrees upon their life and the ramifications for disobedience/sin, that child in not considered “guilty” in accordance with God’s mercy and justice.

God is merciful and has given Himself in death upon a Cross to express that mercy, but the spiritually dead and foolish individual existing in the facade of atheism fails to understand the relevance and depth of God’s mercy; therefore, they have destined them self, in their rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord, to a physiological death in sin and the “second death” in Hell pertaining to both the resurrected body and the soul (John 8:24; Revelations 20:11-15; Matthew 10:28).

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