Atheist logic: “Sin is not your fault, it’s God fault through His omniscience.”

The Atheist’s Logic> “Free will implies a free decision. If god already knows what everyone’s’ [everyone’s] will and decisions will be then your thoughts and actions (volition and decision) HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE. What it would mean is that god purposely put you in a position so that you will be subject to specific influences that mould [mold] your personality. Since your free will is an expression of your personality and god set you up for your personality to develop along a certain line then god is very much responsible for the types of decisions you make in life- which means that the so called burden of sin is not only your fault. The following bible verse will help you to understand that god is responsible for the sins of people.”

Isaiah 45:7 King James Version

7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

Christian response,

Where you err is thinking that foreknowledge mandates a conclusion but this is a logical fallacy. I know my Wife of 35-years and my two-children with intimacy and I know what decisions they will make in almost every life scenario but my foreknowledge does NOT negate their free will to choose. Simply because God knows does not suggest He mandated or orchestrated an outcome. You are free to choose your own destiny and God, in His omnipotence, is perfectly capable of working through and around your personal choices in life to bring to fruition His perfect and immutable plan for Time and Eternity. What you do or say or think does NOT negate God’s ability to achieve His immutable will yet He allows you to choose your own destiny so that love and relationship with Him can manifest in purity with authenticity.

Your free will choices are also mandated and of necessity so that your judgment in Eternity before God can manifest with equity and due process i.e. you will be without excuse. If you are nothing more than an impotent robot and forced to comply via predestination, you can never truly love and relationship with purity and authenticity is virtually impossible. God does NOT desire love from robots nor does He find meaning and glorification in a predestine relationship of forced compliance.

BTW: Your quotation for the KJV relevant to Isaiah 45:7 is incorrect. The Hebrew “ra” translated by the KJV translator’s is, in context, correctly translated as “calamity” not “evil.” God is NOT the Author of moral evil, Satan is (John 8:44).

See Isaiah 45:7 in Hebrew:

I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity; I, the Lord, do all these things.’ Isaiah 45:7 (NKJV)

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