God’s foreknowledge of Adam’s fall – how do we reconcile this?

Theological inquiry on FB: “It’s God’s FOREKNOWLEDGE to HAVE KNOWN the fall of Adam BEFORE he was even created.”

Christian response,

God the Father commissioned the Son (John 3:35) to create the Heavens and the Earth (Hebrews 11:3; John 1; Colossians 1) in response to Lucifer’s rebellion in the Kingdom before the beginning of Time as the Gospel was ordained “before the beginning of Time” (2 Timothy 1:9-10). The Son of God entered Time for one specific purpose, “to destroy the works of the Devil” (1 John 3:8b). God the Father extricated Lucifer and the fallen angels and placed them upon this Earth to be dealt with apart from the Kingdom and partially constrained by Time and physics within the Realm of Time (Luke 10:18; Ezekiel 28:11+; Revelation 12). God the Father extricated Lucifer from the Kingdom due to the destructiveness of sin and the truism that God’s holiness will NOT permit anything impure to enter or exist in the Kingdom of God (Revelation 21:27). God the Father, in Eden, proclaimed a spiritual and physical war to commence between the Son who would be born of the seed of the woman v. Satan-Lucifer in Genesis 3:15. God’s plan concerning the defeat of Satan was pictured in Genesis 3:21. That defeat was ultimately accomplished 4000-years later at Golgotha and victory was exclaimed by Messiah-Jesus with “It is Finished” (John 19:28-30).

Concerning God’s foreknowledge, God, in His omnipotence was fully aware that human kind would relent to the enticement of His anointed cherub angel that had committed treason in the Kingdom but God, in order to maintain volitional love with His faithful angelic creation, opted to defeat Lucifer-Satan with selfless love as opposed to arbitrary power. Had God the Father simply eradicated the rebellious cherub angel and those who followed him in the rebellion, God would run the risk of destroying volitional love with His faithful angelic creation as God would be viewed as a tyrant. God’s desire for love and relationship with His created beings motivated the creation of Time and human kind and through this temporary creation God defeated His enemies by selfless love as God gave Himself as a sacrifice to defeat Lucifer’s dominion over death, Hell and the grave (2 Corinthians 5:21; Matthew 26:28).

God’s foreknowledge must be viewed in conjunction with His overarching desire for “relationship.” Though God’s Plan for Time and Eternity is immutable, fixed, all things that the Prophets have articulated will certainly come to pass, the process by which God’s eschatological Plan comes to fruition is fluid. In other words, every man and woman and angel has been endowed with free will to choose their loyalties and their ultimate destiny in Eternity. Free will is essential if love in relationship with God is to manifest with purity and authenticity; therefore, even though God’s eschatological Plan is immutable, God allows our free will to reign supreme and God, in His omnipotence, works through and around our individual choices to bring His immutable Plan for Time and Eternity to fruition. It’s very important that one understand the significance of this truism as God’s omniscience i.e. God’s foreknowledge, does NOT negate our ability to choose loyalty to God or loyalty to Satan as we are warriors in a cosmic struggle that defies human comprehension.

Jesus - my ways are not your ways

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