Is the New Testament “inspired” by the Spirit of God or only the Hebrew Scriptures?

False equivalence in rejection of theological truth by a Law Keeper on FB? “What Scriptures are the INSPIRED Word of God as mentioned by Paul when he wrote Timothy? [2 Timothy 3:16-17] Paul definitely wasn’t referring to his own writings. He spoke of the Writings of the LAW and PROPHETS as the INSPIRATION given by God….”

Christian response,

Are you suggesting that the New Testament is not inspired or that Paul’s words are not inspired by the Holy Spirit? Consider this, please?

Where you err is doubting the power of God in the Holy Spirit. Consider the radical importance, the Eternal significance, of the Scriptures defining the Covenant of Grace in Jesus Christ; these Scriptures literally differentiate life from death, Eternity in Christ from death in Hell. I ask you, what hope of Eternal life is found in the Hebrew text? How does a man find atonement for sin in the Law? If the blood of animals sprinkled on the mercy seat year-after-year had actually forgiven sin and made the children of Israel perfect in righteousness, would the blood not have ceased to be offered and all of Israel saved yet we understand that only a remnant of Israel will enter the Kingdom of God (Isaiah 10:22; Romans 9:27?). Why? How do the many billions of men and women – Gentiles (non-Jews, the Nations), from Adam to Abraham to this very day, those who never had access to the Law, find atonement for sin and life with God in Eternity? Are they hopeless and destined to Hell?

Where you err is not understanding or refusing to believe that the very same omnipotent God who took elements from the unseen Spiritual World and fashioned those elements into matter that can be apprehended by life constrained by Time and physics (Hebrews 11:3, John 1, Colossians1, Genesis 1) this very same God is also fully capable of providing you and me with the EXACT words He desires we have so that we can know Him personally; love Him intimately; live with Him eternally.

How is it that you point to the majesty of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Torah, and magnify the God of Law yet deny the very same God of Grace that fulfilled that Law for you (Matthew 5:17) and offers you His perfection in righteousness for the atonement of your sin thereby opening the Door of Life to the Kingdom (John 10:9-16) by grace through faith in Yeshua-Jesus (John 3:16)? Why do you doubt that the very same Spirit who Authored the Hebrew Text has also Authored the Covenant of Grace?

Jesus - the word shall never pass away
jesus - moses wrote of me nasb

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