Sharing the Gospel with one who espouses evolutionary theory?

Question posited on FB: “How to share the gospel to a friend who believes in the theory of evolution?”

Christian response,

Darwin’s idiocy mandated in the American classroom is the most effective tool for converting the youthful mind to atheism that mankind has ever known. If a child has been consistently inundated with evolutionary theory from grade school through the University while simultaneously being deceived by Marx, revisionist history, in the humanities, there is very little you can do to bring them into the Light of Jesus Christ.

Demons like Dawkins, Harris, Ra, Gervais, Dillahunty, Bart Ehrman, have complete control over the mind and spiritual life of the Millennial and Gen-Z atheist and unless these servants of Satan are placed flat on their back in some form of crisis, most will never look-up and contemplate God’s authority and His sovereignty.

Tell these lost and deceived souls trapped in evolutionary-atheism the truth of Jesus Christ, don’t argue, walk away and be available and prepared for questions should they ask. Lift them up in prayer that God might have mercy on their soul and that He remove the veil of deception from their heart, mind, soul, that perhaps some may escape the “second death” in Hell.

Jesus - the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving

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