Addiction – witchcraft Gk: Pharmika – Pornography – the eyes, a discussion…

Addiction – those things that destroy the soul of man,

In response to a discussion concerning witchcraft Gk: Pharmika > pharmakeia (pharmacy) (Greek: φαρμακεία) “a medicine” which itself derives from pharmakon (φάρμακον), meaning drug, poison, spell, magic, sorcery, enchantment. Those things that darken the soul of man and introduce addiction, hopelessness, death e.g. the opioid crisis, alcoholism, legal and illegal drug addiction in America today.

In addition, pornography, especially introduced at an early age, is the door to a life of demonism-aberrant addiction, struggle. The addition of narcotics, alcohol, props-open the door of the soul to all forms of demonic influence as the conscience is numbed, inhibitions are lowered and the base-nature is free to consume the mind and soul. The eye is the gateway to the soul and our Lord commands that we take care in what we internalize through our eyes as our soul is directly impacted for good or for evil.

jesus - eye gate The eye is the lamp of the body

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