Biblical Paradox? God has two-kinds of will?

Alleged paradox in the Bible? Premise: Knowing the difference between these two kinds of the will of God in the Bible will be a key to unlock one of the biggest mysteries or the biggest perplexities in the Bible, namely, that God is absolutely sovereign over all things and disapproves of many of them. That is a very puzzling paradox. God governs and controls all that is and manifestly in the Bible hates much of what happens. That is an insoluble and, I think, contradictory situation unless the term the will of God in the Bible has more than one meaning which it clearly does. So, we want a handle on how to manage this paradox or mystery that God forbids things he brings about. And God commands things that he hinders from happening. That in one sense something is the will of God and in another sense that same something is not the will of God. Without this category of thought, I don’t think you can make sense out of the Bible, the God of the Bible.”

– John Piper

Apologetic response (succinct/not complete),

It is possible that the alleged paradox emanates from a misunderstanding relevant to why God created human life and this Universe in the first place. Mankind is the refuse of an unfathomable cosmic struggle that was initiated by a rebellious, covetous, cherub angel in the Kingdom before the creation of matter, Time, this Universe, our genome; in fact, our creation is in direct response to a Coup d’état initiated in the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom where nothing impure is permitted to exist (Rev. 21:27). God the Father commissioned the Son (John 3:35; John 1, Colossians 1) to create this Universe and subsequently placed the rebellious angel, Lucifer and Lucifer’s warriors, the disobedient angels, upon the Earth to be dealt with apart from the Kingdom and within the constraints of Time and partially constrained by physics (1 John 3:8b; Gen. 3:15).

God’s Plan for Time and Eternity is immutable, fixed, but God, in a desire for intimacy-relationship, infused free will into both His angelic and human creation; therefore, though God’s immutable will for Time and Eternity is fixed, the process by which that Plan/God’s will comes to fruition is “fluid.” God allows His created beings to make their own decisions, good and evil, and God, in His omnipotence, works through and around those decisions to accomplish His perfect will.

God is not a God of moral evil; Isaiah 45:7 in the KJV incorrectly translates the Hebrew “ra” as evil but in context it is more accurately translated as “calamity.” God does not desire or create moral evil but moral evil is an essential possibility in order for good, righteousness, love, to exist with the imperative of free will. It is through man’s evil and the death and destruction over the previous 6000-years that God is demonstrating to His faithful angelic creation exactly why their former boss, Lucifer, was extricated from the Kingdom and why Lucifer and their former brethren, the fallen angels, must be relegated to confinement in Hell forever.

The soon to come Millennial Reign will reinforce the evidence relevant to Lucifer’s horror, culpability as complete peace will reign upon the Earth while Lucifer/the demons are confined for 1000-years and subsequently released to deceive the Nations once again; this will ultimately define Lucifer as the god of lies, death, destruction (John 8:44) and under gird God’s Judgment of Lucifer, the fallen angels, the Beast, False Prophet, the unredeemed of mankind, to manifest subsequent to Messiah Millennial Kingdom (Rev. 20:11-15).

It is critical to our understanding of God that one realize the teaching of the Holy Spirit extending from The Genesis to the The Revelation that our entire existence within the Realm of Time hinges upon God’s desire to maintain intimacy and love with His faithful angelic creation. It is also imperative that we understand the paradox that Lucifer initiated via His Coup d’état and that God, concerned with maintaining volitional love with His created angels, could not simply destroy Lucifer and his allies as this would have made God into a tyrant.

Understand that God appeared in Time in flesh for one-primary reason, to defeat the works of the Devil by giving Himself as a sacrifice for His created beings thereby defeating evil with selfless love; it is God’s demonstration of sin’s horror and His defeating same through selfless love that God will successfully maintain a loving and intimate relationship with His faithful angelic creation and the redeemed of mankind will also take part in this relationship forever by grace through faith in the work of Messiah-Jesus upon the Cross.

jesus - the son of god appeard to destroy the works of the devil

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