Atheism does NOT Exist…

Concerning the Facade of Atheism…
There are no atheists…they do not exist. Atheism is a man-made construct-sect of the demonic religion known as Darwinism-naturalism that is the greatest progenitor of the facade of atheism known to mankind. The Holy Spirit clearly articulates that anyone who seeks the facade of atheism-unbelief is a liar, a “fool,” “without excuse” (MEME).
Those claiming the ideological title of “atheist” are simply seeking obfuscation-justification for their immorality, their abortions, their narcissism, their moral relativism, as every man and woman having attained an age of reason and possessing at least a modicum of commonsense intuitively knows a Creator exists as evidenced and witnessed by what has been made in Nature and placed before our eyes. Do not be deceived by Satan and his servants in atheism…it’s all a demonic lie.
Jesus - Romans 1 18-32

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