Are Women considered Inferior in the Bible?

Theological question: “Are women considered inferior in the Bible because Eve ate the fruit of the Tree before Adam did? Is that why women aren’t allowed to speak a word in church or to teach a man anything? Is a woman supposed to cover her head/hair out of shame for the sins of Eve?”

Christian response…

Actually, it is Adam who incurred the greater wrath and curse for disobedience, not Eve. It is through Adam that death entered Time, the World, this is why Jesus entered Time through the womb of a virgin woman…Jesus circumvented the sin-nature passed through Adam’s genome. Adam is more culpable than Eve because Adam received the command from God to not compromise with evil DIRECTLY from God while Eve received the edict by hearsay from her husband, Adam. If you’ll remember, when Eve relented to Lucifer and compromised, nothing happened…it was not until Adam disobeyed God and rejected God’s Covenant of Sustenance that God got involved and placed the curse upon mankind.

The woman is highly exalted in Scripture and the authority of the Husband over the Wife comes with incredible responsibilities for the Husband. The Husband is to give himself for his wife as Christ gave Himself for the Church and died for her…the wife is simply commanded to obey/support her husband out of respect for his responsibilities in the family.

There is a delineation of authority in the family with Husband as the head, the Wife second and the children third. The Husband will be held accountable to God for his care and provision for the family entrusted to him. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit also model this delineation of authority in the Godhead…though they are all ONE-God and coequal…they agree to this delineation of authority for order and righteousness…the Trinity acts as a model for the Biblical family unit. The Wife is not lesser than the Husband…she is an integral part of the family unit and the Husband is responsible for honoring her and protecting her as the weaker vessel.

jesus - husbands live with your wife in an understand way honor her

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