Atheist-Skeptic mocks the Supernatural…a response…

Atheist-skeptic imprisoned by Darwin’s naturalism subtly mocks the supernatural: “Has anyone here ever seen a witch, real magic, paranormal, a ghost, demon, angel, jesus, a god, a fairy, levitation, Satan, Illuminati with money making powers, curses or anything out of the ordinary that cannot be explained by logic or tricks. please share your experience.”

Christian response…

This I know…28-yrs ago I took my family on a vacation from Houston, TX to Chicago, IL on the AmTrak train. While there, the relatives we were visiting received some guests that had arrived in Chicago also…the gentleman was a 90+ year-old Messianic Jewish Priest with his entourage. I was 35-yrs of age at the time, about 12-yrs into my police career with the Houston PD and thought that I was doing pretty good in life, had a wife, son, home…fantastic career.

I had an opportunity to sit quietly with this Messianic Jewish Priest and we talked heart-to-heart and I acknowledged that I knew about Yeshua and our conversation grew in depth and in intensity. I was asked questions that I simply could not answer to my own satisfaction and after the Priest left I was a little disturbed…my pride had been challenged by knowledge I did not possess.

The next day, I walked to a bookstore and purchased a copy of the Living Bible, a paraphrased text, and sat on a couch in that small apartment and began to read through the New Testament…I did this out of pride as I was determined to never be caught short again relevant to knowledge concerning the Bible. About half-way through my initial read of the New Testament, I looked-up from the pages of that Bible and asked “Where has this been all my life?” Suddenly, out of nowhere, every answer to every question I had about origin, meaning of life, reasoning for morality/sin, the destiny of man…these were incrementally being answered in the Scriptures.

The more I read the Scriptures, the more intrigued I became and then my life and my understanding began to change, radically, as if I was not the same person inside. My affections, my desires, my motives, my knowledge and understanding of life…these all became vivid and clear and understandable. I began an exegesis of the Bible, I purchased a Hebrew-Greek-Aramaic dictionary as the Internet was not available then…and when I began to study the original languages…in those difficult passages of Scripture, I came to the irrefutable conclusion that Yeshua-Jesus is exactly Who He has said He is; Jesus is God who entered time 2019-yrs ago and suffered and died to pay my sin-debt that I could not pay and Jesus was resurrected for my justification leading to eternal life.

I have walked with the indwelling Holy Spirit now for 28-yrs and it breaks my heart and baffles my understanding that you cannot see the preliminary supernatural evidence for my Lord that engulfs you every minute of every day and every night. You seek for miracles and supernatural proof of God and angels and wizards and witches when you cannot explain how the Moon is placed in its orbit and how the Sun provides light and heat at perfect temperatures and distances from the Earth…you cannot begin to explain the supernatural complex human genome yet you deny God and you deny miracles. Do you have any idea how blind and foolish you are in your rejection of the preliminary evidence provided you? Are you aware that God has made a way for you to be forgiven of sin and experience true life with Him forever? Why would you throw this away and follow men and their lies into Hell?

Jesus - Romans 1 without an exuse nature

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