Evangelizing the lost youth in America – What do I need to know?

Evangelism question on FB: “My wife and I actively shared the gospel at a very liberal college campus close to us, until this whole covid thing. Always using some worldview argument, as a means to get to the gospel. If you actively evangelize, street preach, witness/ engage in apologetics, what are your favorite worldview topics to use, to get them to gospel truth?”


Having policed this sick society for 31-yrs and debated atheists for years…the Spirit has placed upon my heart the truism that the primary causation for today’s modern atheist is a successful progressive socialist strategy implemented in 1963 by infusing Darwinian evolutionary theory masquerading as a biological “science” into the American classrooms while strategically teaching historical revisionism and Leninism-Marxism in the humanities…these two-deceptions combined as a catalyst to effectively morph two-three generations of American youth into atheistic-nihilistic-naturalistic-socialistic progressives who are thoroughly brainwashed and unfortunately, most will never come to a knowledge of the Truth. This all manifest subsequent to removing Jesus Christ from the classroom via case law such as Engel v. Vitale (1962).

If you desire to reach the Millennial and Gen-Z generations, the Gen-X as well…you’ll have to be sufficiently armed with knowledge concerning the debunked “Big Bang,” abiogenesis, descent with modification-molecules to man evolution, speciation-variation- adaptation, micro v. – macro evolution v. species v. KIND and you need a healthy knowledge of true American history, our Founders, our Christian heritage, our Rights, the history of Progressive Socialism beginning with John Dewey in 1900…these are minimum if you desire to debate the Gospel message and have any hope of reaching a “few” of America’s lost, addicted, perverted, deceived, confused and dying youth.

evolution - deceivers in education professors data that does not exist
Evolutionists want to believe in evolution so bad they will resort to deceiving their followers and anybody else they can control in the education system, including professors, teachers, and students by making up data that does not exist.

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