Theological Question on FB: What is the Goal of Atheism?

Theological question concerning atheists posited on FB: “The theists believe and hope for eternal life from their almighty god. Somehow, we can say that is their goal or focus irrespective of the rightness or wrongness. Now my question is what is the goal of the atheists? What do they hope for or what is their aim or objective?”


The goal of the atheist is unrestrained sensual pleasure, the pursuit of nirvana through an ideology of Naturalism e.g. atheism espouses a naturalistic idea that all we experience with our five-senses is the ultimate reality, nothing lies beyond this brief, futile, existence in Time; the atheist denies the reality of the Spiritual Realm; therefore, the atheist naturally internalizes an ideology of naturalistic moral relativism espousing “if it feels good, do it”…there is no judgment, no objective morality, no eternity, no God, no ramifications for behavior; mankind is free to pursue unencumbered sensuality, please your flesh, do as you please, “eat-drink & be merry for tomorrow we die.” This atheistic lasciviousness inevitably results in the psychological, physiological, spiritual, phenomenon known as “diminishing returns” where the atheist must delve progressively deeper into the filth of immorality, debauchery, self-loathing, in order to achieve a modicum of satisfaction for an insatiable immoral appetite via the base-nature i.e. the sin-nature.

The atheist is the fool of Time and Eternity and they are to be avoided as they have made an affirmative decision to die in Hell and they serve Satan by default even if unaware. The Christian has a Scriptural obligation to tell the atheist about the Gospel and explain what Jesus Christ has done for them at the Crucifixion and walk away. Atheists are intrinsically evil via their alliance with Satan and they will rot the soul of the seeking and faithful if a lengthy dialog is pursued.

“Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” Matthew 7:6 (NASB)

Atheism is a lie from Hell, it does not exist in reality except to provide an excuse, tempering for a seared conscience addicted to sexual perversion, unrestrained narcissism; solace for those who murder and advocate for the murder of babies in the womb; justification for the socialist-communist. Atheists are inherently deceptive and tools, puppets, of their spiritual father Satan as they seek an eternity in Hell similar to that of Satan himself.

Jesus - Romans 1 18-32

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