Theological question: “Please explain Genesis 3:14?”

Theological question posited on FB: “Please explain Genesis 3:14?”

Genesis 3:14-15 NKJV

So the LORD God said to the serpent: “Because you have done this, You are cursed more than all cattle, And more than every beast of the field; On your belly you shall go, And you shall eat dust All the days of your life. And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.”


Genesis 3:14-15 is the articulation of the struggle that was initiated in the Kingdom when Lucifer initiated a coup d’état that was causation for our Creation. It was Lucifer’s coup and Lucifer’s enticement of the angels to follow him in that coup that initiated God the Father commissioning of the Son, Jesus Christ, to take elements from the Spiritual Realm and form them into matter that can be apprehended by life constrained by Time and physics (Hebrews 11:3; John 3:35; Colossians 1:15-18; John 1; Genesis 1).

God the Father then extricated Lucifer and the rebellious angels from the Kingdom and placed him upon the Earth in Eden (Ezekiel 28:11-17). Lucifer was given access to mankind and was successful in introducing evil/sin into the Realm of Time. This is the initiator of Genesis 3:14-15 where Elohim prophesied that Lucifer would ultimately be defeated by One who would enter the World through the seed of the woman (virgin) and that this Anointed One would crush Lucifer’s head and Lucifer would bruise the Anointed One’s heal. This prophecy was fulfilled at the Crucifixion as Messiah defeated death, Hell, the grave and Satan.

In 1 John 3:8, we see that the Son of God entered Time specifically to defeat the works of Lucifer/the Devil. In Genesis 3:21, God provides a word picture explaining that He Himself would pay for sin through the shedding of innocent blood and that God Himself would clothe mankind in God’s righteousness not by man’s righteousness i.e. the fig leaves.

Genesis 3:14-15 is the introduction of why God created and God’s Plan to deal with sin and rebellion introduced initially by Lucifer in the Kingdom.

jesus - satan - ezekiel 28 full scripture explaining satan in eden and with god and his fall in sin

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