Beware of godless skeptics on Facebook…

Beware of Satan’s servants on FB: “Ugly plastic surgery done to the Bible: Older versions used to say God created man and woman the same day He created the heavens and the earth , when science prove that to be wrong , they gave the bible an ugly plastic surgery.”

In rebuttal to the godless skeptic that seeks to disparage the Holy Scriptures…

To the one seeking life in the Scriptures, you can rest assured that the same God who took elements from the Spiritual Realm and fashioned those elements into matter and formed that matter into this Universe and our complex genome…that very same God is more than capable of providing you with the EXACT words He desires you have so that you can know Him intimately, love Him personally, commune with Him daily and live with Him eternally. Please don’t fall for the lies of apostates, false teachers, godless-mindless atheists, Islamist’ and other fools that serve Satan by default. Trust in what the Holy Spirit has provided you and find life by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Mediator for sin (John 14:6).

Jesus - trust in the lord with all your heart

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