African asks: Why are most Atheists White People?

Question concerning atheists: “I’m an African. Why are most atheists, ‘white people’ and mostly don’t believe in God???”


Most atheist are White, European-American, because they are educated in a school system that was taken-over by Progressive Socialists beginning in the early 1900’s by Progressives like John Dewey; incrementally, the Progressive Socialists maneuvered their way through Presidential administrations and our Supreme Court until they found victory in 1962 via SCOTUS decisions like Engel v. Vitale (1962) where Jesus Christ was extricated from America’s public schools and one-year later, 1963, the Progressives infused Darwin’s idiocy of evolution into the American classroom teaching abiogenesis-descent w/modification/molecules to man evolution…teaching our children that there is no God, no moral absolutes, no creation narrative…”If it feels good, do it”…sensuality and pleasure are the goals of life…there is no soul, there is no judgment, there is no Eternity…live free and die in sin…who cares? Supreme Court decisions like Roe v. Wade (1973) and Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) are confirmation of the moral debauchery that has flowed from Progressive Socialists, evolution, historical revisionism over the previous decades.

The Progressives combined Darwin in the sciences with historical revisionism-Leninism-Marxism in the humanities and behold…America has morphed two-three generations of mindless, anti-American, godless, nihilistic-atheistic-socialists-secularists-communists…these are currently polluting the forums of Facebook as I type this and they are the emissaries of Satan in Time. These are the Progressive Socialist enemies of America and of God and unless their demonic ideology is driven into the oceans soon, America’s Constitutional Republic will not survive.

evolution - deceivers in education professors data that does not exist
evolution - evolution fantasy athesim exposed

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