Atheism is a religion comprised of the cowardly, the fearful, the defiled

Atheism is a religion comprised of the cowardly, the fearful, the defiled.

The facade of “Atheism” is comprised of the fearful, those lacking relevant knowledge and suffering from an untenable psychosis. Atheists worship at the throne of nihilism-atheism-moral relativism-naturalism yet their impotent philosophy cannot explain origin of matter-Time-Life; atheism can’t explain meaning of life; the atheist fails to explain the necessity of morality that has been infused within our heart; the atheist has no clue relevant to destiny upon death of the body. The atheist worships inferences and suppositions initiated by “men” as fearful and scared and eternally impotent as them self; the atheist idolizes demonic representatives like Dawkins, Harris, Ra, Hitchens, Gervais, while permitting these mindless nitwits to direct them to the portal to Hell.

Atheists refuse to think for themselves and ponder the possibilities that I might just be right and that there is a life and a purpose shouting at us if one will just pursue that purpose in faith with a heart that is willing to believe. But the atheist remains in impotence, a dark corner of solitude that is actually a prison that will consume the atheist in death and destroy their soul in Hell because they would not approach our Creator, Jesus Christ, His way and seek Him for the answers to the most relevant and important and eternal mysteries of this life. This is spiritual death and a mental illness defined and every atheist is an example of the spiritually deceived and hopeless in both Time and Eternity. Entering the Portal to Hell because one refuses to study and seek Truth is certainly an untenable psychosis and a tragedy with eternal ramifications – this is atheism!

Jesus - ephesians 4 17-19 walk no longer just as the gentiles also walk in the futility of their mind being darkened in their understanding

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