Why do Atheists argue with Christians – a discussion…

Premise concerning Atheism posited on FB: “The REAL reason why atheists want to argue all the time, they distract us from doing what we were told to do.” (Referencing the Great Commission)

A Christian response…

The real reason atheists argue with Christians is due to their beleaguered conscience and the truism that the atheist knows their ideology is a myth-a lie rooted in the demonic as atheism is a ruse/obfuscation for the sexually perverse, the moral relativist, the nihilist, naturalist, the baby mutilator-abortionist advocate, seeking to temper a guilty conscience while intuitively knowing that our Creator exists and that He has dominion and authority over the self-deceived atheist (Romans 1:18-32).

Atheists are tragically crippled psychologically, spiritually, so know that when you communicate as a Christian with an atheist, you’re dealing with an emissary of Satan as well as an untenable psychosis that is rooted in the demonic as the atheist is spiritually-dead and existing without hope.

Jesus - dead in trespasses and sin

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