Atheist logic: An attempt to defend the sin of homosexuality…

Atheist logic: In an attempt to defend the sin of homosexuality: “you obviously don’t know any gay people that have been in loving monogamous relationships…[you are] just another ignorant hateful bigot.”

Christian response to the advocate of homosexuality-lesbianism…

I policed “gay people” in one of the largest LGBTQ communities in the United States on four-different shifts. I am well acquainted with the hopelessness and sin of homosexuality-lesbianism. It matters not the permanence or solidarity of a homosexual relationship; it is a relationship of sin and will be judged by God as a violation of His Covenant of Marriage between one-man and one-woman becoming one-flesh for life.

The homosexual-lesbian possesses the free will to violate Nature and God’s plan for their life but unless the homosexual repents of their sins and sincerely trust in Jesus Christ as Lord, they will exist in futility and they will NOT see life in God’s Kingdom subsequent to the death of their body in Time!

It is not hateful or bigotry to tell the truth. Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the Truth.

Rick Holtsclaw

jesus - homosexuality know ye not that homosexuals

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