Judaizers – Antichrists Remain Among Us

Beware of the Judaizers – the False Teachers who inundate the “Extreme Biblical Discussion” Forum on Facebook!

An explanation…

Prowling this discussion forum is a cultic heresy from the first-Century that denies the deity and sufficiency of Jesus Christ-Yeshua as God, Lord, Creator, Messiah, Intercessor, Judge.

These cultists are Judaizers, obsessed and deceived by a philosophy, ideology, theology, that is no different than that of the first-Century Jews who denied the Deity of Christ and advocated for His murder at the hands of the Jewish Council and Roman leadership.

These false teachers preach a theology that is no different than…

1) The Mormon cult that denies the sufficiency of Jesus Christ and mandates allegiance to Joseph Smith.

2) The cult of the Jehovah’s Witnesses who deny the deity of Jesus Christ and equate Him as the spirit brother of Lucifer.

3) The Roman Catholic Church that denies the sufficiency of Jesus Christ’s death as a one-time, for all time, propitiation/pardon from death in sin and Hell by grace through faith.

4) Islam which denies the deity of Jesus Christ as Lord and Messiah.

Christianity believes what the Scriptures/the Holy Spirit has said about Jesus as God. Christians understand that Jesus is the Divider of Time and Eternity; Jesus is the division of history and Jesus is the central/all-encompassing figure of the Holy Scriptures beginning in the Genesis and extending through the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John the Apostle on the Island of Patmos in 90AD.

Christians understand that if Jesus was not God, Jesus could not be sinless and therefore Jesus could NOT intercede on behalf of mankind and provide a pardon from death in sin and Hell (2 Corinthians 5:21;John 14:6; Philippians 2:8). If Jesus was not God, all of mankind is lost and headed to death in Hell because God the Father is NOT going to allow the impurity, the unrepentant sin, of mankind to enter His Kingdom subsequent to the death of the body in Time (Revelation 21:27).

These false teachers who inundate this Forum have denied the only Way, the only Truth, to find Life in Eternity through the forgiveness of sin i.e. Jesus Christ as our personal God, Mediator for sin and provider of the indwelling Holy Spirit, our Tutor in sanctification (John 14:6; Ephesians 1:13; 1 John 2:27; John 3:1-21). Jesus has clearly warned these false teachers that unless they repent of their sins and believe in their heart that He is “I AM” … Jesus has told them and you and me that unless we believe He is “I AM that I AM” (Exodus 3:14) we will die in our sins (John 8:24; John 14:6).

The Scriptures are replete with the truism that Jesus is God who entered Time to defeat the works of Satan and redeem mankind back to God the Father through the mediation of our sin by paying for that sin with His own sinless blood (1 John 3:8; John 3:16; 2 Corinthians 5:21).

Unfortunately, the false teachers who roam this forum are an antichrist, a deceiver, a servant of Satan (even if unaware) and anyone who follows these heretics’ rejection of the Scriptures and denies the deity of Jesus Christ as Lord for the mediation of their sin, they will not see life in God’s Kingdom (John 3:35).

jesus - who is a liar but the one who denies the father and the son 1 john 2 22


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