Atheism: The Insolent Child

Atheism: The Insolent Child – An Analogy

The radicalized, modern-day, Atheist is analogous to a seven-year-old narcissistic, spoiled, brattish, child whose aberrant desires/personal will is stymied by his loving father – a father who is consumed with love, care and concern for his child’s destiny; in response, the brattish child internalizes hatred and consuming anger for his father and denies his father’s authority and dominion over said child’s life.

This arrogant-foolish child, denying irrefutable evidence to the contrary, goes as far as to deny his father’s existence. This brattish child, in defiant pursuit of his aberrant lust, impugns his loving father’s character in the public square, on the playground of fools, seeking like-minded narcissistic brats to further impugn the character, authority, of their own father via salacious stories of ineptitude and impotency in order to justify their pursuit of carnality and sensuality void restraint of the moral law.

In Time, this brattish child and his demonic cohorts never mature emotionally or spiritually and their defiled body of flesh ultimately dies away and it’s at the moment of death that the insolent child realizes that he has forfeited the greatest love known to creation, the love of his precious father who has given his all for his wayward/prodigal child that never returned home where love, knowledge, wisdom, contentment, awaited patiently.

This is the simplistic overview of the façade of Atheism that is consuming the youth, Millennial’s and Gen-Z Generations, and spiritually-ignorant and spiritually-dead Boomer-generation in America and around the World in the 21st-Century.

Atheism does not exist except in the mind and soul of the sodomite, the child-mutilator, the Progressive-Socialist, the foolish self-intellectualized philosopher, logician, evolutionist, seeking to ingratiate their flesh in obsessive obedience to the will of Satan and his demonic minions. Atheism is Satan’s most subtle yet deadly tool that is effectively destroying America’s posterity and crumbling America’s foundation that was securely based on the bedrock of Jesus Christ as Lord for over 200-years.

Much like the brattish child at death, America will look back at this generation of Progressive-Socialist-Democrats and wonder how it was that the Patriots, those who truly love America, permitted godless child murderers, sodomites, atheistic socialists, to infiltrate our Government, the voting booth and destroy the greatest Nation God has given mankind i.e. The United States of America.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

atheism - spoiled child screaming that daddy does not exist

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