Atheism and Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy in Atheism

Premise: Atheists are part-time hypocrites as exemplified by some moderators and administrators controlling Atheist v. Christian debate forums.

Having contributed to Atheist v. Christian debate sites and having debated the atheist ad nauseam, I find a number of administrators and moderators, who are overwhelmingly deceived by the facade of atheism, to be hypocritical and biased against the Christian contributor. In a debate scenario, the atheist moderator, as opposed to acknowledging the error of their position, blocks me and runs off…this is a moderator? Other’s focus on Christian “preaching”…”That’s against our rules and policies” they say! Really? Why the double-standard?

The atheist is free to preach the doctrines of Darwin and share the sermon notes of atheistic demons such as Dawkins, Ra, Harris, Hitchens, Ehrman, Brown, Carrier, with quotes, MEME’s, citing and sharing articles and books, espousing their perspective’s on evolution, humanism, nihilism, socialism, abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, trans-sexuality, their adversity to Christianity, Islam, faith, hatred for Jesus Christ…mocking, insulting the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures with obscenity, vulgarity – BUT – when the Christian responds with words from the Holy Bible and the central core doctrine of the Bible which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ…that Christian is berated, chastised, censored, by administrators and moderators for “preaching”…for sharing the Gospel or their insulted for the content of the OP not being up to their standard of intellectualism i.e. they’re clueless.

How is the Christian to defend the Bible, the Gospel, void using the Gospel? Hypocrisy much?

If the atheist is permitted to preach the fallacy of Darwin and quote a demon like Dawkins, why is the Christian forbidden from preaching the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in response to the doctrines of demons preached by atheists? Again, hypocrisy much?

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

atheism- evolution fantasy atheism exposed

3 thoughts on “Atheism and Hypocrisy

  1. ROFLMAO!!!

    I just saw you run away from a Facebook atheist/theist group JUST because you were asked to follow the same rules as every other member of the group.

    But, you call requiring all members of a group to follow the same set of rules “hypocrisy”.

    All because you could not provide any sort of valid EVIDENCE.


    1. If one cannot tell the Truth and respond with same…why waste my time? The Gospel is the central core of the Bible and Christianity…if I am not permitted to discuss the Gospel, you are not seeking Truth in authenticity…you’re obfuscating and biased.


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