Atheist uses Holocaust to mock God’s Love-Wisdom; an Eschatological perspective…

God’s Love/the Atheist – Free Will – Satan – the Holocaust – Eschatology – A Study…

Premise: An Atheist, in a discussion relevant to God’s love, mocked my position of demonstrating God’s love through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice at the Crucifixion by claiming the Jewish Holocaust was the antithesis of love. Let’s discuss that…

Atheist, Steve J., stated in jest: “god’s love was a great comfort to the victims of the holocaust…”

Response to the atheist…

God the Father does not prevent man’s free will from manifesting in Time but God permits each of us to make personal decisions concerning our loyalties and affections relevant to our future and our eternal destiny. Free will is essential for God’s relationship with both His angelic and human creation; void free will, relationship cannot manifest in purity and authenticity.

God, in His infinite wisdom and omniscience, strategically moves through and around our personal decisions to ultimately accomplish His immutable will and Plan for Time and Eternity. With that said, God has allowed certain men possessing certain personal attributes, psychological characteristics, to rise to positions of authority and power in order that those personal psychological predispositions would manifest in ways that furthered God’s immutable Plan for Time and Eternity. Hitler is one such personality.

God used the evil of Hitler, Hitler’s ally, Islam, and Hitler’s god, Satan-Allah, to accomplish a very significant eschatological event that restarted God’s eschatological time-clock since having been temporarily halted with the Ascension of Messiah and the decimation of Jerusalem by Titus and the 10th-Roman Legion in 70AD. For almost 2000-years, Eschatologists pondered, wondered, how the prophecies of the Day of the Lord i.e. the Tribulation-Apocalypse period and the subsequent Millennial Reign of Messiah-Yeshua could manifest seeing that the Nation of Israel had ceased to exist.

Supernaturally, the reestablishment of Israel’s Nationhood in 1948 was a direct response to the “Never Again” movement of the Jewish People in direct response to the Jewish Holocaust; the Jewish people demanded their own homeland which was granted them and thereby fulfilled Ezekiel’s “regathering prophecy” (Ezekiel 34:13). Today, fruition of this prophecy continues to manifest as the Nation of Israel welcomes Israel’s children from the 12-Tribes to their ancient homeland; this, as Messiah-Yeshua prepares to bring an end to the “Age of Grace” and initiate His Millennial Reign upon the Earth which will be headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel.

God the Father turned demonic horror and the unconscionable tragedy of Hitler’s/Satan’s torture – mutilation of 6-million-Jews into wondrous prophecy-fulfillment in 1948 and later with the capture of Jerusalem by the Jews from the Arab Nations in the Six-Day-War (1967). Today, everything concerning end-time eschatology is falling perfectly into place relevant to Allah AKA Satan-Islam v. Israel-Yeshua-Messiah and the Jewish People; the prophesied nuclear war that will be initiated by Allah-Islam/his allies v. Jerusalem, Israel in the coming days as Iran/Islam and their nuclear capable allies (Russia, China, Arab alliance) position themselves to war against Israel as antisemitism grows exponentially around the World.

Tragically, current events suggest that Progressive Socialism via the Democrat Party i.e. demonic atheism-secularism-moral relativism will eventually and ultimately decimate the Constitutional Republic of the United States, its military, thus making America impotent in “That Day” of our Lord resulting in America’s inability to intervene in Allah’s attempt to destroy Israel. This too is a form of eschatological fulfillment in that in Her impending demise, Israel will have no one to turn-to for intervention but the God of Israel, Yeshua, Whom they have rejected as their Messiah for 2000-years. Yeshua will be victorious!

What Satan meant for evil, God turned into victory. MARANATHA LORD!!!

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

Jesus - Ezekiel regathering

Jesus - nuclear war in Zechariah


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