Atheists, PLEASE be Honest!

Circular reasoning, the Atheist, our Creator, the Christian? Why can’t Atheists simply be honest about their rejection of our Creator?

Atheist, Jim Mader, stated: “Circular reasoning doesn’t prove God exists.”

Response to Jim, (content added for OP publication)

I grow so weary of atheistic obfuscation and foolishness. God has proven His validity, initially, through what He has made in Nature and placed before our senses; therefore, in your atheism, you’re “without excuse.” I’m not your fool; you’re smarter than to truly believe there is no Creator (Romans 1:18-32).

Even an immature child can observe the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, life, and understand design and the necessity for a Designer. That child may not know God’s Name but they know the undeniable intricacy of our Creation mandates a Designer. Until and unless you can prove God a liar, why not be ashamed of the absurdity and embarrassment that is Atheism and stop advertising this ideological facade to the World?

You insult yourself in the futility of Atheism and, according to the Scriptures, you make yourself “the fool” of Time and Eternity (Psalm 14:1; Proverbs 1:7).

It is your decision via free will as an “atheist” to reject Jesus Christ as Lord, Creator, Messiah, Judge and as a result of said decision, it is your option to die in sin and die in Hell but please, be honest and admit that your rejection of God is motivated by narcissistic and aberrant sensuality purposes and NOT a lack of evidence?

I do wish that all Atheists would please stop with the charades and the deceit that defines Atheism; I’m not buying your nonsense, I know better…sorry. 😊 At least Huxley made an attempt to be honest and forthright.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

Evolution - Statement 10 Huxley

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