Atheist asks about Hell then mocks Christians; a response…

An Atheist asks about Hell and then projects culpability upon Christians for his decision to die in Hell. Let’s discuss that…

Atheist, Chris Eslick, asks about Hell: “Why do You think it is just for god to torture people forever simply because believers have shi–y arguments?”

Christian response to Chris Eslick,

The only beings the Scriptures note as being tortured forever in Hell are Satan, the Beast, the False Prophet (Revelation 20:10). According to Scripture, Hell for mankind is a “second death”…a cessation of all existence seeing that mankind’s unrepentant sin will not be permitted to enter the Kingdom of God; the second death is relevant to those men and women who have rejected Jesus Christ as Lord for the mediation of their sin as they existed within the Realm of Time subject to the Age of Grace as well as all unbelievers from The Genesis forward (Revelation 21:27).

If you continue in your atheism and die in same, you will suffer torment in the region of Sheol-Hades/Torments in your disembodied spirit while you await the Judgment of the Condemned that will manifest subsequent to the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ (Luke 16:19-31; Revelation 20:11-15). It does appear in Scripture that the unrepentant atheist/unbelievers, subsequent to judgment, will be cast into Hell/The Lake of Fire and suffer for a period of time commensurate with the sin committed while in the body in Time.

In other words, Hitler will suffer to a much greater degree before he ultimately dies than the atheist who lives a life of mediocrity in unbelief and dies in unrepentant sin. So then, Hell is not a place of eternal torment for mankind but a place of determined suffering then the “second death.”

In response to your vulgar comment concerning Christians…

Christians are not responsible for your unbelief, you are responsible for your unbelief and you will pay for your rebellion at the instant you exhale your last breath in Time. Do not project or obfuscate your culpability for seeking death in sin and Hell via your rejection of Jesus Christ and His suffering and death to provide you a pardon from death in Hell. Stop the projection and hypocrisy and face the Truth; As an Atheist, you enjoy your aberrant lust, your sexual immorality, your narcissistic antisocial conduct more than God and His Truth; therefore, you will reap what you sow because God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7-8).

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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