Atheist is Insulted: Christian Pastor denounces Progressive-Socialism as Pagan Worship of Moloch/Molech

An Atheist is insulted that a Christian Pastor has publicly denounced the Progressive-Democrat-Socialist-Party by insisting that no Christian could possibly support the insanity, the demonic-pagan-blood-lust ideology of Progressive Socialism. As one who loves and adores Jesus Christ, I wholeheartedly agree with the Christian Pastor. Please permit me to explain…

Atheist, Mark D, stated: “Speaking to FOX News Radio host Todd Starnes earlier this week, right-wing Pastor Robert Jeffress explained that Democrats who claimed to be Christian didn’t actually worship the Christian God. Nope. They worshiped the demon-god Moloch. I looked it up and Moloch is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice, through fire or war. What are we to think of Baptist minister Robert Jeffress from Dallas Texas telling a national radio audience that Christian Democrats worship the demon-god Moloch?”

Reply to Mark D…

God Bless Pastor Jeffress and he is most correct and right on target in his comparison between Moloch/Molech and today’s Progressive-Democrat-Socialist Party. It is not possible that a man or woman who truly knows and loves God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, could simultaneously support and vote for a Progressive-Socialist-Democrat or support this Progressive Party of death and demonism. There is a reason why most Atheists are Progressive-Socialists and why Progressive-Socialists are overwhelming godless secularists, advocates of baby mutilation, evolutionists, nihilists, moral relativists, advocates of sexual perversion, demonically inspired atheists.

America’s Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party is demonic in origin and Satanic in practice and policy. Only the most vile, demonic, immoral, individual can support a Political Party that…

1) Advocates for the mutilation of babies up-to-and-beyond the 9th-month of gestation. A Political Party that fights to affirm/maintain Roe v. Wade (1973), an unconstitutional SCOTUS decision responsible for the murder, mutilation, denial of the 5th/14th Amendment due process protections, of 61-million American babies subsequent to 1973. A Political Party that supports the shedding of innocent blood that has brought God’s wrath and judgment upon America and the American people. Progressive Socialism, the Democrat Party, is a most vile and loathsome form of demonism, Satanism.

2) A Political Party that advocates, supports, participates, in LGBTQ sexual perversion that defiles America in shame and immorality while supporting the demonically-based SCOTUS decision of Obergefell v. Hodges (2015); a SCOTUS decision that spits in the face of our Creator’s Covenant of Marriage between one-man/one-woman becoming one-flesh for life. A Political Party that supports/advocates sexual perversion that is destroying, killing, America’s posterity in confusion, addiction, suicide, sexual-gender confusion.

3) Advocates for open-borders that is destroying America’s sovereignty by infusing America’s municipalities with non-assimilating multiculturalism that will destroy America’s economy, America’s schools, escalating violent crime statistics Nationwide and violent gang activity with incredible amounts of illegal narcotics flowing through/over our borders via cartels along with illegal weapons smuggled into America along with unconscionable sex trafficking of women and children. A Political Party willing to deny American’s their civil rights and the Government’s duty to protect in lieu of political power at all and at any cost.

4) Advocates for the demonic, deadly, ideology of Socialism that is responsible for 100-million deaths in the last 100-years. Socialism that will destroy America’s Capitalistic Economy that is the most successful form of economic wealth/growth/progress for the masses in the history of mankind. Progressive Socialists, Millennial’s and Gen-Z brainwashed children deceived by historical revisionism and Darwin’s lies…these will be America’s demise.

Pastor Jeffress is most correct concerning the vile and demonic Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party…the Party of Satan. Progressive Socialism will ultimately destroy America and our posterity will suffer horrifically. I explain the idiocy, vileness and Satanic nature of Progressive Socialism in more detail here:

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

jesus - molech child sacrifice

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