Atheists are Sissified Bullies

Premise: Atheists are sissified bullies.

Having debated the Atheist ad nauseam, never could I have imagined such a pathetic group of individuals fronting machismo and self-endowed intellectualism while in truth, they’re sissified bullies lacking knowledge, morality, wisdom, discernment, patriotism, ethics.

Repeatedly, I’ve watched and endured the atheistic hate toward God, Jesus Christ, righteousness, morality, honor, dignity; atheistic hate that is verbalized with vulgarity and sexual obscenity that flows freely with decrepit verbiage flowing from the cesspool of the demonic; then, when challenged directly with the Truth of the Gospel and Scripture and hard words that offend the sensitivities of atheistic impotence, the Christian is accused of “preaching,” hate and insolence and causation for the Atheist’s rebellion against all things spiritual.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Atheists are petulant, vulgar, cowards, who have no standing in reality and fight against and deny that which they intuitively know exists. Atheists are metastasizing boils on the backside of American culture and its sustainability. Atheists are overwhelmingly the demonic product of Darwin’s deception and the Atheist is not just a liar concerning “unbelief” but they actively war against my Lord Jesus Christ making them His enemy in flesh and blood and Time and therefore my enemy within the Realm of Time.

Now, I am being threatened by Atheist v. Christian Group moderators and administrators because I speak Truth and directly confront the lies and blasphemy of the demonic Atheist yet these “Groups” tout free speech and “no bans;” in actuality, what these atheistic groups seek is a coalescing of like-minded bully-atheists to hate on Christians and blasphemy our Lord Jesus Christ void rebuttal. I have always held bullies and cowards in disdain!

See: Atheists are bullies and they are doing their best to intimidate the rest of us into silence:

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

atheism - believe in big bang abiogenesis molecues to man but not God because they've never seen Him

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