Human Suffering and a “Loving God?”

Atheist, Mark D asked: “Does human suffering discredit the existence of an all-loving God?”

Christian response…

Though our Creator, Jesus Christ-Yeshua, is the embodiment of LOVE, He is also perfect righteousness and perfect justice and He does not lie. God created all things “very good” in The Beginning as well as establishing a Covenant of provision-sustenance with mankind predicated upon obedience to the edict prohibiting compromise with evil.

Mankind, in his narcissism, opted to reject God’s Covenant of provision and sustenance through disobedience and rebellion; therefore, the human genome and the whole of Nature fell under the curse of sin.

Human suffering is the resultant of man’s choices not God’s love; therefore, human suffering does not suggest that our Creator is unloving but the fallen-nature of man and the resulting suffering and death from sin are testimony to God’s faithfulness and justice and honesty and integrity and Holiness.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

Jesus - adam all die

2 thoughts on “Human Suffering and a “Loving God?”

  1. That is one way of looking at it but the other way is, that if God exists, and that if said God is both omniscient and omnipotent, that said God created sin for a purpose: that is to act as a winnowing rod to separate the wheat from the chaff and that sin serves God’s purpose. If said God is truly omnipotent, said omnipotent God could banish sin completely and immediately. Said God would have no need of death and could do away with it with the blink of an eye.


    1. God has provided mankind free will in order that love and relationship with Him can exist in purity and authenticity. God desires relationship with both His angelic and human creation and void free will, relationship cannot manifest in authenticity. God did not create sin or evil…God created free moral agents, angelic and human, with the ability to “choose” good or evil, right or wrong, life or death, fidelity or rebellion. God does not create evil or sin, He creates good and He has created only free moral agents with the freedom to choose evil or choose righteousness.


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