Spiritual Warfare in our Midst – Allegiance Mandated

The Simplicity of the spiritual war transpiring in our midst…

Our Creator, Jesus Christ-Yeshua, is not a God of confusion though mankind, in his self-endowed enlightenment, revels in narcissistic confusion while creating social constructs that under gird and defend his particular worldview. The simplicity of this temporary life in Time is basically defined as nothing more than preparation for Eternity; every man, woman, child, has been given a unique, unfathomable, opportunity to play an intricate role in a cosmic struggle having manifest before the creation of Time. In this life constrained by Time, mankind has but two-options concerning their eternal destiny:

1) Trust and believe in Jesus Christ-Yeshua as Lord, Messiah, Mediator for sin and find peace, joy, purpose, assurance in this life in Time and eternal life with God the Father subsequent to death of the body.

2) Reject Jesus Christ-Yeshua as Lord and default to servitude and obeisance to Satan, the spiritual enemy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this life constrained by Time, these two-options confront every man and woman having attained an age of reason and for all intents and purposes, there is no difference between the Atheist, the Satanist, the Humanist, the Cultist, the Buddhist, the Islamist, for they all die in their sin and they will all die a second death in Hell in futility. This truism is relevant for anyone who rejects the saving grace of Jesus Christ as Lord for the mediation of sin because unrepentant sin will NOT be permitted to enter the Kingdom of God subsequent to death of the body constrained by Time.

The Atheist will argue the finer points of the façade of atheism suggesting that they have no commonality with the Satanist but as in most all things in this life, outcome or final product determines relevance and identity. There is no difference between Atheism and Satanism…both serve Satan by default and both will ultimately suffer a similar fate as Satan in Eternity.

See: Atheistic-Satanism – Birds of a Feather: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2018/01/01/atheism-satanism-birds-of-a-feather/

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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