The Death of Law Enforcement in America

Comment to article below:

Texas law enforcement, especially the large Texas Municipalities, has completely gone off the reservation of commonsense and is wholly given over to PC, LGBTQ, liberal policies that castrate Law Enforcement’s ability to enforce the law; presently, the scumbags rule and mock the police and the people suffer. Liability concerns thwart proactive policing and I find absolutely no reason for educated young men and women to serve in law enforcement today where lowered ethical and moral standards, necessary to hire the sexually perverse, destroy the integrity of law enforcement while there is scant-to-zero support from Politically Correct police administrations and liberal-progressive-socialist Mayors; Mayors with an agenda of appeasement to the morally sick/antisocial in our society. America is dying daily in apostasy and the decimation our law enforcement community is one rung on the ladder leading to a Socialist Hell. May God have mercy on our posterity!

R.D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

“Sheriff Sally Hernandez puts illegal aliens above her own deputies” (February 19, 2019) Publisher: Law Enforcement Today

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